Software is ‘Brain Power’. Quality software development is an ‘Engineering Discipline’. But Inattentiveness and Creativeness of people involved are the essential ingredients for ‘Well Engineered, Quality Software’; thus, we need ‘Great People’ to do ‘Great Software’. We started our own IT School right at the inception of our company in 1991 to produce our own people. In our Vision statement, we committed to build a Technology Company and a University that are Financially and Spiritually successful. The great people we have produced through our own IT School have produced great software products for global markets; at OpenArc, Education is a service and software developed by our own Engineers is the high potential,lucrative business we are in.

OpenArc is a group of technology companies engaged in ICT Education, Enterprise Software Development and Industrial Automation. Through our long-term journey, we have acquired wealth of domain knowledge and expertise in Banking & Finance, Manufacturing and Capital markets. On top of many Corporate Software products we have developed for different industrial sectors such as Banking & Finance, ERP and Stock Markets, we have now launched series of front end apps for consumer markets through our DIGITIZATION projects. Reducing the gaps between the Enterprises and end users of services (customers) is our motive in implementing consumer apps for all the Enterprise level applications we have in stock. Thereby we dominate both in Corporate Software world and Transaction Based consumer markets. Unlike many startup companies, we have made multiple startups within our enterprise and made it more robust and resilient to today’s most challenging market forces.

DISRUPTION is the rule of the game in today’s technology business and we have set our corporate strategic directions to build technology products to disrupt the traditional way of doing business transactions by introducing consumer apps for front end digitization. For instance, the new consumer product app ‘SkyPay’ that we are about to launch, is a complete disruption to a cash-based society. With this product we are committed to build a cashless, card-less payment system for all the consumers and link it not only to all the banks but finance companies as well.

The country need a national level Software Technology Platforms in time to come. IOT and Bigdata platforms for different industries would be a prime need of many sectors such as health,education, shelter, hospitality, real estate etc. OpenArc is in the process of building up of its own IOT/Bigdata platform so that its most futuristic applications can be built on such platform. We are closely working with the health sector at present. With the industry leading enterprise software products in hand and many other consumer products that we have built on our flagship products such as SkyBank which is a complete, Java based core banking software solution, we are now ready to embark on new markets outside Sri Lanka. Countries in Mekong range, Asia, Africa and Middle-East are on our map. Japan is a market we have already stepped in.

With our proven products in hand and best loyal people in the company, we have great plans for the future. In order to penetrate in to a wider market space in the global arena, we need capital infusion primarily for marketing and capacity building.

It is with great pleasure that we invite valued investors to join hands with OpenArc as long-term partners to enjoy financial and spiritual benefits through a more meaningful, professional and ethical business relationship which OpenArc has been always thriving for.