• To be a world class technology company and a University, financially and spiritually successful for the purpose of giving better life and happiness to mankind through best innovative technology solutions.


  • To build best quality people through the University within the group
  • To build ethical, creative and very productive software engineering culture within the company solutions
  • To motivate people to build most innovative software products aimed at mass markets in a global environment
  • To closely work with National Universities and School System of the country and make OpenArc a household name for ICT Education and Software solutions for day-to-day life
  • To use the best disruptive technologies to develop the most innovative products on the CLOUD
  • To build a cloud based Unified Platforms for software solution development with the purpose of problem solving and benefits of all citizens and corporates
  • To use Unified software platforms for the services to be provided in different industrial sectors; Banking, Finance & Insurance, Capital Markets & ERP
  • To build up a global company with unique innovative solutions primarily for Education, Software and Engineering sectors


  • To become an industry leader in cloud computing, big data and IOT
  • To be a leader in M2M market
  • To be a leader in embedded software development and become the number one company catering to Japanese market in Sri Lanka
  • To launch the country’s very first software platforms on the cloud for;
    • OpenSource ERP
    • Banking, Finance & insurance
    • Security Markets


  • We recognize young talents at grass root levels and help most deserved students educate and build up professional careers in Information Technology
  • Company shall appreciate and uphold not only the technical capabilities of its people but the values and qualities that should be demonstrated by them
  • We are a company guided by written down code of ethics
  • We understand the corporate good governance
  • We understand and are committed to Sustainable Corporate Responsibility and Triple Bottom Lines;
    • Profits : Financially Viable
    • People : Socially Responsible
    • Planet : Environmentally Sustainable
  • We are partners with give and take practices; concerned about giving more than getting
  • We are teachers sharing our knowledge with everyone; TEACHING is not-for-profits
  • We are dedicated to solve problems of mankind irrespective of the place where they get originated
  • We are an equal opportunity employer without having any kind of discrimination
  • We all are in OpenArc culture which entails all the above values